[Doc Bug] Metadata Syntax Doc: Specifying docker image on github fails

The documentation at https://help.github.com/en/actions/building-actions/metadata-syntax-for-github-actions#example-using-public-docker-container-on-github indicates that one can use public docker containers packaged on github by specifying one as the image of a github action.

Other posts here on github.community suggest that this feature is planned but not yet implemented. If so, the doc should be fixed accordingly.

Following that documentation results in an error during the initial setup phase of a workflow indicating that the specified value for ‘image:’ is incorrect.

If instead you try ‘image: docker://docker.pkg.github.com/$GITHUB_REPOSITORY/name:tag’, the setup phase will succeed, but the docker pull will fail due to an authentication error on github package’s docker server side.

Hi @lucianposton ,

Thank you for reaching this out! I can reprodude the same when i use 'image: ‘actions/container-template@master’ in my docker action. I have submitted this to github engineering team.  I will notify you once there is any update from them. 

Thanks again!

Hi @lucianposton ,

Confirmed with Github, the doc is wrong. Using 'image: ‘actions/container-template@master’ in docker action is not supported. Now the content has been removed and fixed in the doc. Please check.

Thanks for pointing this out!