Do you need to know how to code to start a project?

I was thinking of starting a project for a windows program that I would like to have it open source and have people who are passionate about it create. But I don’t know how to code (Well I do know HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) but I don’t know how to code C++ or C# (Which I think is what I need to know to build this program) I know Electron will not work with this so Electron is out of the question.

I know how coding works but for the project I had in mind I don’t have the skills to create this. Would it be OK if I mananged the project or would that kinda be selfish since I am running the show but can’t even contribute to the code? I an more than willing to organize the github page on it, sort the documents, manage the project, etc.

You can explain your idea and find people interested on your project.

You can too, create the repo and initialize with the readme file and explanation.

Has there been any successful projects done were the project leader was not a coder?

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