Do javascript actions require node be installed on the runner?

I’ve read through the documentation on runners and javascript actions. It would seem like node being installed on the runner is a requirement, but I do not see that explicitly stated. I wanted to verify whether my assumption that it is a requirement for node to be installed on the runner to execute javascript actions. Thanks.

I am going to add some more information here on why I am asking this question. We have created a few self-hosted runners. They do not have node installed. In Github this action runs fine: GitHub - hashicorp/vault-action: A GitHub Action that simplifies using HashiCorp Vault ™ secrets as build variables.. When I run that action locally using act with our self-hosted runners if fails. If I use a runner that has node installed it is successful. I cannot understand how the action could work in Github without node being installed on the runner yet fail locally in act? Yet switch to a runner with node installed and it is fine in act.

Hi @dwashko, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Yes, node 12 is a requirement for running JavaScript actions. Your runner will need to have node installed in order to run JavaScript action steps.

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sorry for the delay in thanking you for a response. This is what I figured.