Do I use a single job or split into multiple jobs for a simple workflow

I have set up a workflow in my resume repo.
The workflow consists of a single job with these steps:

  1. compiles my resume from latex and generates a PDF
  2. creates a release
  3. uploads the PDF to the release
  4. Pings my website repo which downloads the new resume

All of these run as a single job. Should I split them up into multiple jobs?
I was thinking of 3 jobs

  1. Compile the pdf and upload it as an artifact
  2. Download the artifact, upload it as a relese
  3. ping the repo

Logically seperating the job makes sense but there does seem to be some overhead to creating a new job. Should I continue with a single job approach? Here’s my workflow? Do feel free to add any comments or suggestions

Thanks for your feedback.
They each have their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Using a single job can indeed reduce overhead, because they are all running on a runner. But lack of logic.
  • Splitting into multiple jobs can reflect the logic. But since each job runs on each runner, you may need to add additional Actions to complete the file transfer. This will result in increased running time and billing.

So whether to use a single job or split into multiple jobs depends on your actual situation.