Do I need to use Smee?

What if I already have ngrok or localtunnel installed?

No, you don’t have to use Smee. Both ngrok and localtunnel will work just fine if you prefer them. However, Smee has several advantages for first-time GitHub App developers that make the steps in this Quickstart easier to follow. For example, Smee runs entirely on its own server. Smee also gives you a unique domain that will never stop working for your app, so you can stop and start the Smee client without having to update your app settings with a new domain.


@lee-dohm Is it ever possible that two separate apps would have the same smee url? I imagine it’s highly unlikely since there is 36^15 possibilities/

If you use the randomly generated ID, then you are correct. But there’s nothing preventing you from picking your own ID for example. Doing a quick search on the repository though, I found this issue which may make the situation clearer.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you my friend