do i need ssh files to configure the connection or not

dear experts

do i need ssh files to configure the connection or not

i just have installed the git package on my windows machine.

i have up and running the bash client

now i want to do the configuration - …

question - do i need to have ssh-files for setting up the connection?

Mitarbeiter@260-36-B3-PC-04 MINGW64 ~
$ git config
usage: git config [<options>]

Config file location
    --global use global config file
    --system use system config file
    --local use repository config file
    -f, --file <file> use given config file
    --blob <blob-id> read config from given blob object

    --get get value: name [value-regex]
    --get-all get all values: key [value-regex]
    --get-regexp get values for regexp: name-regex [value-regex]
    --get-urlmatch get value specific for the URL: section[.var] URL
    --replace-all replace all matching variables: name value [value_regex]
    --add add a new variable: name value
    --unset remove a variable: name [value-regex]
    --unset-all remove all matches: name [value-regex]
    --rename-section rename section: old-name new-name
    --remove-section remove a section: name
    -l, --list list all
    -e, --edit open an editor
    --get-color find the color configured: slot [default]
    --get-colorbool find the color setting: slot [stdout-is-tty]

    -t, --type <> value is given this type
    --bool value is "true" or "false"
    --int value is decimal number
    --bool-or-int value is --bool or --int

That depends on what you mean by “SSH files” and “setting up the connection”.

Assuming that with “SSH files” you mean “SSH keys” and with “setting up the connection” you mean pusing to and pulling from GitHub, you don’t need SSH files per se. There are multiple options if you want to push to and pull from GitHub, including SSH keys - but, for example, also HTTPS.

Since you’re on Windows, the easiest way to get up and running would be to try and  git clone  a private repository. A login window will pop up where you can log in to your GitHub account (assuming you’re using GitHub). After logging in, Git will remember your credentials.

Setting up SSH keys is a very safe method of communicating with your remote. Check out this article for more information: , but keep in mind this isn’t required (you can just use HTTPS).