Do deploy keys need to be authorized to use SSO?

This page describes authorizing SSH keys for use with SSO

I have a question about  deploy keys , which are similar to SSH keys but live on a different page in the Github UI. For context here are the help pages for the two types of keys:

I ask this question primarily because deploy keys are a type of ssh key, so its concievable (but unlikely, I believe) that they would need to be authorized to use SSO.

So, to restate the question in the title, do deploy keys need to be authorized to use SSO?

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No, since deploy keys are associated with a specific repository, they’re not subject to the same SSO authorization process.

I hope that helps!


We recently updated our Org security settings to enable (1)two-factor auth and (2) SAML SSO. Ever since our TeamCity (CI tool like Jenkins) jobs - that were using Deploy Keys <each repo has its own unique deploy key>- started failing. 

Wondering if someone faced similar issues…