Do Actions within a repository trigger webmentions?

I want to add support for webmentions to my Jekyll site, sending a tweet from my account as items are added to the main RSS feed. Currently, I use to provide this infrastructure. However, to the best of my knowledge, my host (Netlify) does not send webmentions automatically.

At present, when I push to GitHub, they will run jekyll build against my _site directory and deploy it, but I must do the work of sending the mention myself - in shell script that is hand-edited each time.

curl -i -d "source="

Can this be done via CI in an Action?

Do you have a workflow yml file to run jekyll build against _site and deploy it? There is an action to build and publish Jekyll sites to GitHub Pages :
After the deployment step, you could just add a run step to run the curl command .

When this is done, that’s the plan.

Similar to Pages, my site deploys on Netlify when I push to master, so it’s the last step that’s still a sticking point as the source URL changes each time a deploy happens.

AFAIK, Liquid (Jekyll’s template engine) doesn’t have a filter like post.latest which would pick out the most recent item in a feed and make it the source URL of the curl command.

In spirit, that’s what I’m trying to do.

As I am not an expert of Netlify nad Jekyll , I could only provide some ideas . Such as, can you set the Jekyll site as a static website? Or is there any API or CLI to get the source url? API and CLI command both could be execute in GitHub Actions.