DMCA policy for reverse engineered protocols


I understand that GitHub responds to valid takedown requests. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find consistent and detailed answers about how the DMCA handles the reverse engineering of communications/device control protocols. I intend to publish code on GitHub that communicates with a device via the protocol that I have reverse engineered by sniffing serial packets from the manufacturer’s software, so I’m wondering if GitHub would take it down at the manufacturer’s request?

My inclination is to say that a valid takedown request could not be made because the protocol is not patented, and I’m not publishing code from the manufacturer’s software or any other copyrighted content. Also, some sources say that the DMCA is kind on security research and interoperability applications, the latter of which describes my project. Would this be correct?


Hi @dizzyliam,
Unfortunately, GitHub is not in a position to offer legal advice, so if you aren’t sure how to proceed, I’d strongly suggest contacting a legal professional regarding those questions.

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