DMCA application. Where can I see the processing progress of my application

Hello! I have submitted a DMCA takedown notice on Aug 13, 2020. I want to know how long GitHub can process my application or where I can view the progress according to this ticket ID, because it is very important for me. If myapplication can’t be processed in time, I will pay a very heavy price for uploading the company’s code due to my mistake, so I beg GitHub to help me as soon as possible.My GitHub user name is 0813hl, and my email address is [sensitive info removed by moderator],and my ticket ID is [sensitive info removed by moderator].I hope you can get back to me as soon as possible!thank you very much indeed!!

DMCA applications are processed in the order received, so you will need to continue working within your opened Support ticket for any updates. You’re welcomed to reach out again and touch base with the Support team once more for an update, if you feel the matter is pressing.


This request is very urgent. Because the company is sensitive to the industry, the disclosure of the data may endanger the industry security. We hope that the DMCA request submitted by us can be processed as soon as possible, otherwise the relevant confidential information will be downloaded by others again, causing great loss and influence to the company. Thank you for your help.