Django Model structure for Job safety checklist App


I want to create an App which is more like a checklist app which will have multiple questions (like a polls) like below but more than one.

in response there will be 3 choices, Yes, No, and NA.

for e.g.

Q.1. Is BA staff equipped with Protective equipments?

Ans. i.) Yes , ii.) No , iii) N/A

Q.2. Weather is in good condition to climb to Work?

Ans. i.) Yes , ii.) No , iii.) N/A

Like this there will be a checklist with about 7-8 similar questions.

and for each logged in user a seperate instance for complete checklist will be saved.

My Solution (not scalable) :

To create a model like…

class Checklist:

qus1 = model.CharField(…choices = yesnochoices)

qus2 = model.CharField(…choices = yesnochoices)

and so on… but this won’t be good as professional and much scalable.

??? Could you please suggest how should i made this… other than the approach like above.?