Display time next to message in a chat

Hello, I have a chat with pusher, vue.js, and I would like to display the hour and the minutes of the message. I’m kinda new to all of this so I made some research but I didn’t found something that I like. Maybe some of you can help me about this. Thanks. This is my code :

 \<ul class="chat messages" \>  
 \<li class="clearfix list-group-item" v-for="message in messages" v-bind:class="{
classForUser: (message.user.id=== currentuserid),
classForNotUser: (message.user.id!== currentuserid)}" \>  
 \<div class="chat-body clearfix" \>  
 \<div class="header"\>  
 \<strong class="primary-font"  
classForAuthorSameAsUser: (message.user.id=== currentuserid),
classForAuthorDiffThanUser: (message.user.id!== currentuserid)
{{ message.user.firstName }}
{{ message.user.lastName}}
{{ message.message }}
export default {
props: ['messages','currentuserid']
/\* function heure() {  
 var currentTime = new Date(),  
 hours = currentTime.getHours(),  
 minutes = currentTime.getMinutes();  
 if (minutes \< 10) {  
 minutes = "0" + minutes;  
\<style scoped\>  
.classForAuthorSameAsUser {
color:#2FB3FF ;  
.classForAuthorDiffThanUser {