Display TEXT from output number


This is my first post here as I’m new to Blynk/Github and also new to programming so please understand the newbie questions:

I have little program that will output number 7, 11 or 15 (depend on source).
Currently the Serial Monitor on my computer can display TEXT like FLOAT or BOOT or EQUALIZATION but not on my Blynk App.

How to display a TEXT on Blynk App? 
    If the output is 7 then Bylink app will show FLOAT

    If the output is 11 then Bylink app will show BOOST

    If the output is 15 then Bylink app will show EQUALIZATION

Here is the code:

void AddressRegistry_3201() {
result = node.readInputRegisters(0x3201, 2);
if (result == node.ku8MBSuccess)
ChargingStatus = node.getResponseBuffer(0x00) / 1.0f;

Blynk.virtualWrite(vPIN_BATT_CHARGING_STATUS, ChargingStatus);
if (ChargingStatus == 7) {
Serial.print("Charging Status: ");
} else if (ChargingStatus == 11) {
Serial.print("Charging Status: ");
} else if (ChargingStatus == 15) {
Serial.print("Charging Status: ");
} else {
rs485DataReceived = false;

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