Display Deployment Desciption on Deployment Dashboard


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Since the SHA still shows in place of a tag, it would be nice if the description parameter was displayed on the deployments dashboard, so we could set it to something meaningful like “Deploying Tag v123”


At the moment, the description does not seem to materialize anywhere in the UI.


This appears to be essentially a duplicate of the topic you linked to, if I’m understanding correctly. It sounds like you want for there to have the deployments dashboard show something else other than the SHA. If that’s the case, please continue the conversation in the original topic. We prefer people to post in the original topic so that newcomers don’t have to read a bunch of small threads to catch up on the conversation.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

:wave: I went searching for an existing request for this feature and found this topic, which seems the most relevant to me after a quick read. I hope that’s alright.

I’m also interested in exposing the description field included in createDeployment and createDeploymentStatus API calls on the Deployment Dashboard. Particularly, I’d like to include GitHub-flavored Markdown in those fields to allow that the Deployments Dashboard can use text, links, and images to provide additional context to contributors about the Deployment’s behavior. Today’s functionality allows me to provide a URL to an external dashboard including that sort of information: displaying this sort of information on the Deployments Dashboard would allow contributors to discover this information without leaving GitHub.