discord.py won't recognize commands

import discord
from discord.ext import commands
from discord.ext.commands import Bot
import asyncio
import time

client = discord.Client()
bot_prefix = "!"
client = commands.Bot(command_prefix=bot_prefix)

async def on_ready():
    print("Ready when you are!")
    print("I am running on " + client.user.name)
    print("With the iD: " + client.user.id)

async def hey(ctx):
    await client.say("Hello Hooman!")

async def (ctx, user: discord.Member):
    await client.say("Your names is {}".format(user.name))
    await client.say("Your status is {}".format(user.status))
    await client.say("You joined at {}".format(user.joined_at))


This is my code, for a discord bot. Whenever I try to give it commands, a message pops up in the console that gives me this message:

Ignoring exception in command None
discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandNotFound: Command "info" is not found

Anyone know how to fix this?

Line 18 async def **command name**