Discord Bot Help

Hello everyone I’m using visual studio and node.js to code my discord bot but I seem to be hitting a brick wall I’m new to programming so I’m not sure what to do.

I want to add a future in my bot for Minecraft registration. example:
user: !alt
bot: welcome to bot registration please type !register to begin
user: !register
bot: please type your main Minecraft name
user: exaplmekid42
bot: Now type your alt account name
user: exaplmealtkid42
bot: thank you for registering your alt set have fun and enjoy the server
ticket closed
sends the info into a channel I set up for registering like this format:
Alt registered (date/time) main account: emaplekid42 = alt: exaplealtkid41

To be honest, I am hearing the first time about Discord bots. But why not, good luck in this