Discord Bot Help (First Timer)

Hi! I am trying to make a discord bot following this tutorial. All is good until step 10. It tells me to run this command:

node bot.js

It gives me this in response:

old = copy(client.servers[_data.guild_id].members[_data.user.id]);

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘775799584165068810’ of undefined
at DiscordClient.handleWSMessage (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\discord.i\lib\index.js:1906:53)
at WebSocket.emit (node:events:327:20)
at Receiver.ontext (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\WebSocket.js:841:10)
at C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:536:18
at Receiver.applyExtensions (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:371:5)
at C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:508:14
at Receiver.flush (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:347:3)
at Receiver.finish (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:541:12)
at Receiver.expectHandler (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:499:31)
at Receiver.add (C:\Users\JesseR\Desktop\DiscordBot\node_modules\ws\lib\Receiver.js:103:24)

I assumed it means it works, but when I type !intro, nothing happens. This is my only problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: There are also a couple “discord.i o” (no space in there." I simply removed their O’s in this post as they count as links, they do have the O’s in the code.

Try without the bot.id in line 18
logger.info(bot.username + ' - (' + bot.id + ')');

It should work later. Needs a while to be comfortable with its ID apparently.