Disconnected submodules

I have a project set up that incorporates a couple other repos of mine as submodules. Using VSCode, I’ve had a relatively easy time using it. I can make changes to the submodule codebase, push it to the remotes and incorporate the commit file that gets generated into my main repo, which updates the submodule commit.

Then I recently noticed this broke somehow. The submodules point to commits that do not seem to appear in their respective repos and I now have a lot of changes in my local codebase that doesn’t appear anywhere remotely.

Not sure how to unravel it, but at this point, the only thing I can think to do is overwrite the submodule repos with my current local codebase, which, of course, I’d rather not do…

Any thoughts or tips on how I might be able to dig into this more and see if there’s a more graceful solution?