Disappearing personal acess tokens (for public key upload)

We’re trying to get into using the rest api (just shell commands with curl).

Successfully made a personal acess token this am and used it to upload a public key.

Tried to use it a second time and got auth failed.

Went back to https://github.com/settings/tokens, and the token has disappeared!

I can still see 2 old tokens that another employee made a year ago with the “revoke” buttons next to their entries, but the token I made this am has gone missing!

So I made another token, copied it, and refreshed the page; so far so good, I can see the name of the new token and the revoke button.

Refreshed the page again and the second new token is also gone!

Is this intentional? Are we supposed to make a new token for every single access? If so we’ll need to do it algorithmically, we can’t be logging in and going through the whole manual creation process every time we need to upload a key from a new server! And if this is intended operation, why are the two old tokens not also disappearing when we refresh??

~Many thanks~

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Hi, Have you solved the issue with the disappearing token? I have the same problem.