Disabling command pallette results in taken shift and control key over all platform regardless of text input

so yes, just disabled command pallette to use my fav vim keybinds from browser (was messing up with this and i luv vim). so i ended up that when creating issue, searching github or doing an other thing when i press shift key (to for example type colon or mention someone) i get command palette… possible to fix? are there rules for adguard? (block command pallette thing from source)

There is one other place to turn off the command palette completely: Under “feature preview” in the drop down menu obtained from clicking on your user icon upper right. I finally found this and saw that I could opt out of this “beta” feature. Turning command palette off in the “settings” did NOT work. So this is a solution for me – at least until github decides this is a mandatory feature and not “beta”. Github was completely unusable for me until I discovered this.

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already figured it out. yea, only this works… if github will make it a default feature i think i’ll need to fully switch to codeberg… not want, not mirror repos… fully switch…