Disable Veteran need help with deploying Web App in Azure

Hi I a a disable veteran request help with the deployment of my Web and Moblie APP wintin my Azure accout. I am trying to develope a basic web and mobile site for the job placement of me and other disable veteran. My email address is [sensitive info removed by moderator].



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Thanks so much! 

You would need to provide more information in order to get help here.

Please describe in detail

  1. what you are trying to do

  2. what is going wrong

I have a Ethereum Consortium Blockchain in Azure setup and then I added the Web+Moble App but now its saying that the App need to be setup by using GitHub ans something call bash etc. I am just tring to get the Web+Moble connected so other disable vets could see and use a ethereum wallet to use for copies of there DD214 and resumes and then share that information with potental employers. For job placement.