Disable repo from being allowed to fork thru api.github.com?

Is there a way to disable a repo from being able to be forked via api.github.com?   

Specifically this option via the gui:

          Allow forking If disabled, existing forks will be unaffected.

I want to be able to disable it via a get request to api.github.com




No, I do not believe that is possible. Do you mind sharing with us why you would want to do that?


I’m also after this same feature

I have got 159 private repositories in my organisation and I would like to allow forking on 1 of these repositories.

so I need to disable forking on the other 158 if I enable the ability to fork for the organisation (this setting is currently disabled in my organisation)


I want to share repositories to public for educational purpose only. I do not want them to be forked, so that newcomers find challenge to learn about a new project.