Disable / Remove email "Device verification" prompt on login (not the 2FA)

Just registered to agree with everybody in this topic!
The worst thing I’ve ever seen!

Took almost an hour to get code via e-mail redirection.

I’ll never use github anymore.

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As a service, you should be providing options for seamless login than actually shove down security measures to developers or people who use Github.


Hello, Ernest :blush: I’m afraid this decision makes no sense to me. Why do we need to provide our personal phone numbers to turn off a security feature? I do not want to add my phone number to random websites just to avoid an entirely artificial inconvenience. And surely, it’s a security flaw in itself that you only get the option to turn off security features once you have added extraneous sensitive information to your account. Is there something I’m missing here? Thank you for your response!

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So to disable 2FA we have to… enable 2FA?

A code sent to my email address is just 2FA. What am I missing?