Disable / Remove email "Device verification" prompt on login (not the 2FA)

+1, please change this

  1. 2FA is already there.
  2. Even if you want to retain this device verification feature at least make it optional because it is very annoying for those who don’t want it.

So many years of development, so many years of getting annoyed by interactions with customers… Regardless of the customer, there’s allways the issue that customers just don’t and frankly can’t understand dynamics in your dev team and / or the product on a more then ephemeral basis.

When the customers are developers, do they understand? No, it seems, looking at the :point_up_2: above.
Github says they understand and that they’re working on it. What do we developer do on this page? People are shouting and raging :confused: Yes the notifications are annoying as hell, otherwise I wouldn’t be on this page right now. But really… Github devs are not our servants people. We should know better and be better then this!

If you want to talk about it, ask meaningfull questions like: why is this unresolved, is the functionality tied to a critical part and is it really complex to untangle (it’s only the worlds largest repository of modern times so who cares about security right)? Or is it business that doesn’t want to push on it, wanting github to focus on all the (supersweet) actions & CI/CD stuff? Or are you understaffed? Is this part opensource so can people contribute? etc.

:heartpulse: for the Github designers and devs, thanks for the amazing product :slight_smile:

+1, it makes it too annoying switching accounts.

+1. This is for sure should be optional, maybe it can be default behaviour for most of the users though. It’s very annoying.

+1 This is very annoying feature. Should be optional.

Imagine someone hack your email and delete it.
Lose your email account, lose your source code.
Thank you for this awesome “feature”

Is it so complicated to make it optional?
May I decide by myself if I don’t want it?

one year later. why is there no option/setting to toggle this off yet? it’s clearly not difficult to implement, so it’s not a technical challenge. what do we need to do to get decision makers to listen to us?

thanks bro
according to my opinion its good idea and i just going to implement any one hare to guide me is it safe or not?waiting for some one expert.
thanks in advance

@belhfl after one year can you please tell us what’s the status of this feature?

I use a browser that deletes cookies whenever it is restarted. The “Device verification” is forcing privacy conscious people to compromise their security behavior just so github can have its way and force saving cookies? Make.This.Feature.Optional

It’s been a year and still the same. I don’t log to github very often. Now even less…

It’s just stealing time.