Disable / Remove email "Device verification" prompt on login (not the 2FA)

This is what happens when giving up control of your computing to companies: when that happens they are the only ones that can take decisions. For instance you cannot make a mail client that makes everybody happy. Some people will want more simple mail clients with less buttons, and some people want to be able to program filters with a good programming language. So this is also why we have many free software mail clients. As for github, if it was fully free software, and that people could very easily migrate their project, people would be able to just patch github to avoid this “Device verification”. And people wanting extreme security would maybe even enforce 2FA without any ability to disable it (as it would decrease security otherwise). So the only real fix here is to have as many project as possible leave github and switch to other free software infrastructure where the projects are in control and can make decisions, fork of the hosting software and run it, etc. Denis.


please please remove “device verification” email 

I have to log in to email provider again and again and it takes time!!



first I thought firefox was not storing cookies properly…

switched to opera, but still same, 

switched to chrome, still same

DON’T WANNA swtich to EDGE or whaterver IE6 is called these days :frowning:

please please please please

please please please please

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Absolutely frustrating & ridiculously annoying. This is still happening to me. I have forwarded my complaint about this over-the-top so called security feature to GitHub Feedback & they keep insisting that it’s something on my side & keep trying to force me to use 2 factor authentication which we just DON’T want to do. Our phone numbers are private & we’ll keep it that way.

The most annoying part of this is that 90% of the time I’m using the SAME DEVICES to login & it keeps giving me the NEW DEVICE DETECTED OMF THE WORLD IS OVER message. GitHub expects us to NOT use a VPN to change our IP’s, NOT to use new devices (even though 90% of the time it’s the same devices) just to force us to use 2 factor authentication, just utterly backwards & a waste of time. It’s easier to login to NSA Headquarters with less dramas than this.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I have 2 banks which have Online Banking. These 2 banks are part of the 4 MAJOR banks here in Australia. I change devices, use my VPN which changes my IP & we NEVER get these inconveniences & headaches GitHub provides.

How can GitHub justify having more “so-called-security” than online banking itself?  How can you possibly justify your login security measures against banks & think that’s normal??
This is nothing but a shifty ploy to annoy us to the point where we give in & sign up for 2 factor authentication at the expense of our privacy to collect our private phone numbers & god knows what other information. What a disgrace.

The people who are sticking up & backing up GitHub regarding this extremely annoying & time wasting process are people who couldn’t care les about privacy or are too uneducated about internet privacy especially in sensitive privacy times like this. Don’t get me started on how many people trusted Facebook with privacy until they were found guilty on providing & selling our private information to 3rd party companies even though sincerely promising it’s users otherwise. & please don’t give me that “GitHuB will never sell your information” bla talk because that’s EXACTLY what every company said before they were found guilty of doing exactly that.

One quick search on the web regarding GitHub & it’s annoying New Device Detected frustrating login process shows indeed I’m definitely not the only one.

“Rest assured we’ve provided your feedback to the deigners & development team” is their magic punch-line but many of us are still copping this but ofcourse the amount of people will be downplayed.

This will not be getting fixed permanently anytime soon so we’ll be trying alternatives like GitLab or BitBucket etc. Congratulations for not listening & sweeping us to other alternative websites.


Beyond being un-requested and annoying, I’m simply locked out of my github repos because the email is either not being sent or is somehow sent to the wrong email. My login credentials are the email address though, so I have no idea how it could possibly be a mistake on my side.

Either way, really wish this feature weren’t default.



I am entering 20 or more characters here.

+1 , it’s totally wasting my time



Would like an option to disable this feature for certain accounts.


Github , Microsoft , users asked for the ability to disable this absurd feature. Do you hear the opinions of users or not?

Almost half a year has passed. Why is the problem still not resolved?

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@snugface wrote:

Microsoft, your role in managing the heck out of Github is appreciated. Manage more. We all desperately need your help and your guidance.

Good joke.

In fact, everyone would be better if Microsoft did not put their hands on Github. All programs get worse when touched by Microsoft.

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@dkempr wrote:
why cant it be optional for users who are concerned about it lol

Because Microsoft is not interested in the opinions of users.

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I also support the request for opting-out of this. I addition, this feature is close to be broken if your mailserver uses greylisting as the verification code is continuously sent from different IPs (breaking again RFCs as Microsoft loves to…).

Please fix the issue with greylisting generally and additionally give the opportunity to opt out of the device verification.

+1 this should be optional

Another +1 from me.

Already annoying on PC, but for an occasional login from the smartphone (which I try to avoid using and don’t save passwords, I can memorise even long ones) it is much worse.

What is the status of this thing? I cant find any **bleep**ing button to **bleep**ing nuke that **bleep**ing feature.

Yes I hate it. Why I need to grab my email each time I signed into guess what? GitHub Page itself!


Make an option to opt out from this stupid features. NOT HELPING AT ALL.

Please remove this annoying feature…
Useless at best. Time consuming for no reason.

+1 for removing this crap. Absolutely stupid mechanism which already drives me crazy on Google accounts.

Please make this optional. I use a dummy account to give limited access to private repos to scientific reviewers, that need to remain anonymous. Please fix!

This is so effing annoying, can I at least have the option to choose whether to enable or disable this bullchet crap of having to verify every goddamn time I login to this misery website? what a typical inconvenience of Microsoft.

+1 to remove this crap. It is very annoying.

Plus one million! Please remove that!

By the way:

When I tried to log in here to write this comment, I had to allow Github to access my Github account. Then I had to create a new account, only to complete the login with my existing account (I got an email, too). After that I had to click away a notification. Now there is a different, big, yellow notification at the bottom of the page. This answer box I am writing into is staying at the bottom of the page and covering at least about a third of it. When I scroll back to the top I have to wait for comments to be displayed again, because they get hidden when I scroll down.

Do you really think you are improving Github?

Sometimes I really miss the 90s and 2000s. Why do people have to make websites so nrad← complicated these days?

Just was told I am not allowed to use the word nrad (read that backwards). And I thought I was being polite not saying nmad.