Disable pull request

I have heard that this has been a planned feature for a long time, but I can’t find any news for it or how to activate it. What is the progress on this feature?
I am clearly not the only one that want this.

Welcome @chrisacrobat we are happy you are here!

We currently do not provide users the ability to disable PR’s. However depending on your use-case, protected branches might provide you the solution that you need.

Protected branches:

-Can’t be force pushed
-Can’t be deleted
-Can’t have changes merged into it until required status checks pass
-Can’t have changes merged into it until required reviews are approved

With regard to upcoming feature updates or new GitHub products, that’s not something we can speak to here. However, the best place to submit feature requests and share more details about your use case is through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request.