Disable GitHub pages in project language statistics

I have a Java project where I have the project Javadoc documentation on GitHub pages. The result is that the language details statistics on the project front page is incorrect. The Javadoc pages are created automaticly by Travis so there is interest to have these files included in the language statistics.

On my project EmojicodeEditor the language statistics show 96% html and 3% Java, and since the amount of html will grow when I add more Java code, these figures will stay more or less the same. My project is a pure Java project so I was expected Java to be close to 100%.

One possible solution to the problem is to only show statistics of the master branch, since all the documentation is in the gh-pages branch.

Hi there! GitHub uses the open source project Linguist to determine language statistics, which supports overrides for excluding files you don’t want counted. You can add file paths to your .gitattributes file with the linguist-documentation attribute to ignore documentation files:

project-docs/* linguist-documentation

More detailed info can be found in https://github.com/github/linguist#overrides. Hope that helps!