Disable Github Pages from redirecting from github.io domain to custom domain

Is it possible to stop Github Pages from redirecting to a custom domain when accessing from the github,io domain? Currently, I have a page at misaalanshori.github.io and have a custom domain setup to adminispwd.com. The problem is that every time I visit the github,io domain, it redirects me to my custom domain. But I still want to use the misaalanshori,github,io subdomain (mostly because it has my name and my own domain doesn’t).

If I remember correctly, I once set up github pages for something else a while ago and even with a custom subdomain the github,io subdomain is still accessible and doesn’t do a redirect. So was this changed some time ago? and is it possible to disable it?

Hello and welcome here!

A custom domain is to be used in place of github.io. You cannot use both for accessing the same site, we just don’t support this scenario.

There are two kinds of Pages sites: user and project.

If you add a custom domain to your user site (like you did here), it applies to all your project sites as well (because they are served with path based routing).

If you want to be able to use misaalanshori.github.io for other project sites you can simply remove the custom domain from your user site (GitHub - misaalanshori/misaalanshori.github.io: a page) and publish your personal page from a project site instead.

Hope that helps,