Disable Github Actions check runs from annotating files

Looking for a way to disable Github Actions check runs from annotating files.

/* Context - Working on a simple eslint workflow action to comment on PR’s, as it’s annoying with this check runs annotating all files by default */

Ref PR- https://github.com/tamdilip/ember_poc/pull/143/files

I checked your PR and workflow yaml, the annotations are added by action in “tamdilip/eslint-review-action” repo.
What’s the source code of those action? Would you mind changing the repo to a public one and share its link here?

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Thanks for looking into this @yanjingzhu, I have made the action repo public as you requested and this is the current branch I’m testing with - https://github.com/tamdilip/eslint-review-action/tree/feature/cache-and-npm-check

I checked the index.js file in the action repo. It invoke “Update a check run” API .
There are many annotations in the check run . These annotations will be shown in the related files.

I am afraid that the annotations shown in files could not be disabled.

@yanjingzhu :worried: I’m nowhere explicitly invoking any check-run API call, I’m making quite other github API calls via OCTOKIT library for listing files changed in PR, existing PR comments and so on but not check-runs. I’m not sure if any of these other API calls are internally invoking check-runs :face_with_head_bandage:.

Still it would be much helpful if we can control all these check-runs by toggling in the action.yml with a key :neutral_face: :sweat:.

Also if some other way to control checks:write permission on repo level settings atleast.

I tried removing the custom action repo from my workflow yml and just ran a test command.
Still the same case :face_with_head_bandage: .

I could see this is being happened automatically as mentioned here - https://developer.github.com/changes/2018-05-07-new-checks-api-public-beta/

Finally, for time being I managed to stop the annotations by capturing those CLI logs output as XML format separately via a listener.

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