Disable Git LFS organization-wide on GitHub.com

Because Git Large File Storage (LFS) usage is subject to quotas on GitHub.com and because there are alternatives to Git LFS, disabling Git LFS at the organization level is a legitimate policy to be applied by some administrator. It is possible to do so on self-hosted instances but apparently not on GitHub.com.

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We don’t have it as a self-service option but it looks like it’s possible to do on our end.

To request that, please open a ticket and make sure you specify the names of the organisation/s you’d like this done for. They’ll be able to sort that out for you provided you’re the organisation owner.

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Does this mean it will never be a self-service option for Organization/Enterprise Cloud owners, or is there an internal ticket to eventually add this? I’d love to see this on the roadmap.

It definitely doesn’t mean never. For actions that are only available to support, the move to self service is usually determined by demand.

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Thanks for the fast and hopeful response! I guess demand is tracked by support requests or an internal ticket? I wondered if there was a more public way to express & gather interest in this feature. (I was using my :heart: on this thread to do so, but I doubt anyone else will see this now that it’s closed.) If opening a support request is the only way, I will do that. Thanks again!