Digit number handwriting recognition - looking for app developer


I’m Rus and looking for a developer of an Android and iOS app to have following main features:

  1. train and recognize single to 6 digit handwritten input;

  2. help kids test math skills (addition, substraction, multiplication, division):

 2.1. use algorithm to slow/accelerate depending on child’s performance for each module (single/tens/hundreds digits add/sub/mult/div)

 2.2. identify weak areas and focus on/strengthen them by showing progress in each module

I want to make it a base platform to add other features (in addition to math skills) in the future

Feel free to contact or ask questions,


Hi @ruslankachan, we’re glad you’re here :grinning:

However, we don’t want to have job listings on the Community Forum right now. It is something that we’ve added to the list to investigate if we can do so without overwhelming other conversations. If you’re looking for someone to collaborate with you on a project, however, that’s perfectly fine and you may want to add a link to the repository where you’re working on this project if it is public.

Keep checking back as the Community Forum grows and we add more capabilities!

Thanks for your interest :+1: