Different web operations and primary emails

The GitHub docs on emails have not been updated for the UI updates and the new UI does not make it clear which email is used for “web-based Git operations, e.g., edits and merges”.

With “Keep my email addresses private” enabled, it is clear that your no reply email is used for web-based operations.

With “Keep my email addresses private” disabled, all emails show Visible in emails which seems to actually mean that it is possible for every email to be used for web-based operations. Based on the current (out of date) docs, it seems the primary email is used (using the cropped image, see below), however, as this message does not seem to be there with the new UI, it is unclear if this is still the case.


Image from documentation. Suggests the primary email is used for web-based operations.

My main issue is that I would like my primary email and my web-based email to be different, with one being my main email that receives security alerts etc. and the other purely being an email in my control that I can use as an “anything Git” email. Is there a way to do this without having to forward email from the public “anything” email to the main email? As many prefer to use a more public email, this seems like a fairly common setup. Enabling “Keep my email addresses private” (web-based operations using your no reply) is the only way I can find that allows 2 different emails (all your Git operations can use your no reply and your primary email remains private), but using a no reply email causes other issues.

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You can adjust your notifications to accommodate this workflow.
Here’s more information about Configuring Notifications

I don’t think you’re able to separate your “account-related” email with this so you could possibly miss out on security related issues. You could theoretically create email filters to forward email but I think it makes more sense to just have a setting option that lets you select your “web-based operations” email (for example, GitLab has the “Commit email” option).

Hey @nihaals

You are absolutely right here. I will take the L for the incorrect info.
In this case , it looks like an entirely new feature would need to be implemented.
Thanks for pointing out this opportunity in the product!

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