Different url when share in Android Chrome (maybe the same issue on iOS)

Hi, I have 4 repositories that works like a ‘same site’ with my custom domain:

Repository 1: midominio.com

Repository 2: midominio.com/blog/

Repository 2: midominio.com/setup/

Repository 2: midominio.com/custom-design/

And today I saw when I try to share with the native sharer of Android to Messenger or Whatsapp for example, the url change…

url in the bar midominio.com/blog/blablabla

url shared midominio.com/blablabla

I wonder if I could change some in my repositories or if this is a issue of Chrome

Hi @anmattstudio!

I’m afraid that I’m not sure what the cause of this behavior is. Could you reach out to support directly so we can work with you to understand the issue a bit better? If possible, it would be helpful to include the following information:

  1. Links to the repositories you’re using for this setup
  2. A direct link to the URL you’re experiencing this behavior with
  3. Reproduction steps for us to follow in Android/iOS Chrome
  4. Any screenshots you think might be helpful.

I’ll keep an eye out for your message!