Different base Url for .html files and .md files in Github pages


I’ve set up a GitHub pages site from the gh-pages branch of my project (https://github.com/Altaxo/Altaxo/tree/gh-pages). The resulting page is published at (https://altaxo.github.io/Altaxo/).

In the _config.yml I have the following settings:

<font>baseurl: "/Altaxo" <br>url: "<a href="https://altaxo.github.io" target="_blank">https://altaxo.github.io</a>"<br></font>

The problem is the following: in any .html file I can refer to another page in the root directory by simply using a forward slash and then the page name, as is expected.

But in a markdown file, e.g. index.md, I have to prepend /Altaxo in order to get the links working.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Solved! Simply don’t use a forward slash preceding the link in Markdown text!

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