Differences between two Different directories (2 diff Masters)

I have to merge the code and I have synched up in two different directories.
Both are pointing to two different masters
git remote -v gives me two different origin in https …
git branch in both directories is Master

How to find the differences between two directories using git, I am using offline code comparison tool to do it now. Is there a smart way using git

You can add a second remote to one of your local repositories, fetch, and then compare the branches:

git remote add remote-name https://[…]
git fetch remote-name
git diff master..remote-name/master
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Thank you, before I try, the directory structure of both are same. if I fetch, one the masters from remote into my Local, will it start to show the conflicts or does it create totally new parent folder to play with.

A git fetch just fetches the content of the remote repository into your local storage (in .git/). That’s separate from your local branches or other remotes, so it will never cause conflicts on its own.

If you then try to merge you will have to deal with conflicts as usual.