Didn't GitHub Projects used to have a button to "import all existing issues as cards"?

… or something to that effect.

When I first looked at GitHub projects, I did so on a repo where I had a bunch of previous issues filed and I seem to recall a way to bulk import all of those issues as cards, but now I don’t see that option on the automated kanban board and I’m curious if it’s based on the type of board or something else?

We currently have students who are trying out GitHub Projects since Waffle.io is shutting down, and we have a script that builds all user stories for their project as GitHub issues, but then building a project board based on that is a pain to drag and drop all of the stories into the “to do” column. We’ve started looking at making a project board and cloning that, but in the meantime, a way to bulk import all existing issues as new project cards would be great. I’ve tried looking all over the UI and don’t see this any more, but I’m *certain* it existed once.

Unfortunately, no, I don’t recall an option like the one you’re describing. However, if you’ve already got a script to build all the user stories as issues, you could modify it to create a project card for each issue at the same time.

I hope that helps!