Did Dockerhub rate limit affect Github Action?

Recently, Docker hub update their pricing, download rate limit and retention policy. I’m wondering if it affects Github Action? And how?

Will those steps are affected?

      - uses: docker://alpine:3.11
      - run: docker pull alpine:3.11
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According to the introductions from the docs you shared about “Download rate limit”, the limit seems only applies for the anonymous users. Logged in users will not be affected at this time.

I setup a workflow with the following step that pull an image 101 times in a loop.

- name: Test Docker download rate limits
  run: |
    docker image ls
    while [ $index -le 101 ]
      echo "---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
      echo "Pull image $index times"
      docker pull alpine:3.11
      docker image ls
      index=$(( $index + 1 ))
      docker image rm alpine:3.11
    docker image ls

However, it can successfully download the image 101 times without any warning or error messages about the download rate limit.

When we try to pull some public images in the workflow, if we do not login with any of our accounts, not sure if GitHub has a default account to login the docker.

I have created an issue ticket (actions/virtual-environments#1445) to help you report the questions to the appropriate engineering team for further discussion and evaluation.
You can follow this issue ticket and directly add your comments on it.

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From their Download rate limit page:

Docker will gradually introduce these rate limits, with full effects starting from November 1st, 2020.

It might simply not be enforced yet.

As per their Pricing page, logged in users on the free tier have a limit too:

Data transfer (per 6 hours) Free
Anonymous users 100 pulls
Authenticated users (Docker ID) 200 pulls
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