Did anyone have problem with cuda 11.1?

I am a newbie in ML, after installing cuda 11.1 in my computer i have found a DLL error and fail to recognize my display card. I have searched different forum and found out that the error came from cusolver64_11.dll. So I used a older version cusolver64_10.dll and it seems to work well. Later, my friend told me that he fixed the problem in another way and can use cusolver64_11.dll in cuda. but there was a problem that the time of finishing a loop would take longer. Did anyone can tell me that why would this happen (why using cusolver64_11.dll would take longer time than cusolver64_10.dll)?

@slowkimo Thanks for posting on the GitHub Community forum. It looks like you’ve landed in the wrong place however. This part of the forum is use for GitHub Learning Lab topics.

You may have better luck looking in the Software Development forum for help on this topic :smile:

Thx Matt, I will change the post to Software Development.