Dictionaries questions

Hey everyone

I’ve recently started learning how to code with Python and I’m using the “Python for everybody” book, I have a problem with an exercise in chapter 9 :

“Write a program that reads the words in words.txt and stores them as
keys in a dictionary. It doesn’t matter what the values are. Then you
can use the in operator as a fast way to check whether a string is in the

So,what I came up with is this code :

w = dict()
file = open("words.txt")
for line in file :
    words = line.split()
    for word in words :
        if word not in w :
            w[word] = 1
        else :
            w[word] = w[word] + 1

I was wondering if there’s a more efficient way to do or I can make it better.


Your implementation is “correct” but it can be simplified a little for the goal stated.

Your code is actually counting the number of times a word appears in ‘words.txt’. Since the goal is to only see if words in a string are in the dictionary, the counting is overkill.

If a key already exists in the dictionary, the value is updated. So if counting isn’t done, the check for the key already in the dictionary is unnecessary.

Some good info here - you might be able to do w.update(words) without looping? 


Hi and thanks for you reply!

I’ve checked the link you posted but the thing is that it works by creating a dictionary of some words. My issue is that I already have the text and want to add it’s words to a dictionary. I came up with another solution and instead of  checking if a word is in the dictionary, I just gave them a value of 0, so it looks something like this

for word in words :
counts[word] = 0

thanks once again for your help!

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