DHCP Client not assigning the Auto IP


I am working ona project and i need a local private network to do some testing for WiFi. I am trying to connect to a Router which is not having the DHCP server .I have manually changed the settings of Router. Since the DHCP server is not running in the Router, the DHCP client will not be able get the IP address . As I know, if there is no DHCP server in the network the DHCP client should assign an Auto IP in the series 169.254 according to the Zeroconf logic. But this is not working. The DHCP client is getting timed out and connection is getting reset. I am using the DHCP client version 5.2.10 from Roy Marples.

Does this DHCP client support the Zeroconf?If DHCP client supports, how to enable the Auto IP ?

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