DevTest Labs with GithubEnterprise


We are planning to explore using Github Enterprise and its awesome to see the features like actions and packages. Wanted to know if the DevTest Lab is integrated with actions or one has to do it separately with Azure.

Thank you !

@IrfanSyed-PSC ,

It seems that Azure DevTest Labs is not integrated into GitHub Actions currently.

I noticed that integrating Azure DevTest Labs into Azure Pipelines is using the Azure DevTest Labs Tasks extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.
I searched on GitHub Marketplace, but did not find any Apps or Actions that used to integrate Azure DevTest Labs into GitHub Actions.

If you really need the feature that integrating Azure DevTest Labs into GitHub Actions, you can try the following things:

  1. Try to report a feature request to the appropriate engineering team of Azure DevTest Labs here, suggest the team to develop the App “Azure DevTest Labs for GitHub” or the Action “Azure DevTest Labs”, and publish the App or Action to GitHub Marketplace so that users can use the App or Action on GitHub.

  2. You also can try to develop the customized App or Action by yourself. Below are the related docs about creating Apps or Actions on GitHub: