Devices getting accessed remotely to control my services and access my data

Hi. My name is Ommar Mena. I joined github hoping i can find the help I havent been able to recieve from my phone/internet services provider tech team.
I notice someone keeps accessing my devices, iphone, ipad, android, tablet, etc. Somehow, maybe through pitucres, texts or phone calls downloading controlling softwares to manipulate my network and activities at will.
I was forced to teach myself about app developing, operating systems, softwares, codes, etc, but my progress has been slow due since my access to the internet gets blocked on purpose very often. In my data i always find web redirects, fonts,, apache 2.0, custom bulids Operating systems,, and i believe using maybe, google, someone controls my devices as an chrome administrator. Can someone please guide me how to stop their access to my networks and data, please? My domain is called 909 Auto Techs through google, and I now joined Github with the same domain. Thank you!