Developing desktop apps with Codespaces

Just wanted to say thanks for how easy it was to get a desktop app environment going with Github Codespaces - start to finish in under 24h!

In our case it makes developing a C++ Qt application a lot simpler for Windows users - who have a hard time dealing the setup. The new instructions are just 5 easy steps and you get a desktop application running in the browser at the end, which is stunning:

Codespaces documentation was simple to follow, the setup is intuitive, and you get a result pretty fast, so, good job team.

It really helped that we’ve already has a Debian Buster compile with CMake configured for the project. Microsoft’s CMake extension for Visual Studio Code made compilation trivial, and @Chuxel’s script was essential to tie everything together.

Thanks and can’t wait for the GA!


Awesome! That’s really cool. So glad it worked for you!