developerprofile file, import in action


I need to compile and publish an application for iOS after the execution of an action on mac os X.

I need to store somewhere and  import the developerprofile file.

it is a binary file, so I can’t save it as secret.

Do you have an idea how I can manage this?

Thank you very much


There is an action for preparing signing for iOS build action:, please check whether it could help. 

Another method , you need to Install GPG and encrypt our provisioning profile and signing certificate. Then upload the encrypted files into your repo. Then decrypt the certificate and the provisioning profile during your workflow run . More detail steps for using gpg, please refer to 

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Hi, I’m trying to use this:

what is: 

base64P12File (Required Base64 encoded .p12 signing cert with private key.)?

do you have an example that I can follow to build and publish the application directly from the github actions?

Thank you for your help

@manang For base64P12File , you could encode your  .p12 signing cert with private key file to Base64 format. 

The Base64 p12 file is like : 

Then you could store the content of this base64 file to a secret variable:

Ok, sorry

I didn’t undersand which certificate I have to use.

let me undestand:

in this way I have an environment that can compile and sign the application, right?

there is no a way to upload and publish the ipa, right?

Thank you very much


another thing: 

I obtain an error, but I don’t undestand why, there is not an output:

this is my yml file

this is the output log file:

thank you very much for your support

Maybe I can explain better what I did:

I set the following secrets:

  •  appStoreConnectPrivateKey

I take it from the developer page from the tab key

  •  keyID

I take it from the developer page from the tab key

  • issuerID

I take it from the developer page from the tab key

  • keychainName

I set keychain.ios

  • keychainPassword

I set keychain.ios

  • base64P12File

I exported it from xcode -> preferences-> account

  • p12Password

this is the password that I set when I exported the p12

  • bundleIdentifier

this is the bundle identifier that I used in xcode

  • signType


I receive an error, but I don’t undestand why:

in this link I increased the log level.

Thank you very much


@manang I could not sure that prepare signing action could match your requirement. 

What’s the meaning of developerprofile file? Provision profile or Certificates file? 

There is a tutorial for Testing and deploying an iOS App with GitHub Actions. 

Hope it could help. 

Hi, the link is broken.

Thanks for your help

@manang My bad. Sorry about that, I have updated the link above.