Develop 3D scanner using Raspberry Pi

I have a patented device that creates a custom impression of the foot for the purpose of making a pair of orthotics. This impression is temporarily stabilized so that it can be scanned. The depth of the impression is approx 2". The length is 16" and width is 8". We envision scanning from a fixed static point 15-20" above the surface. We need accuracy levels of 0.5 mm. or less. We currently are using a Sense hand held scanner from 3D Systems and would like to replace it. With Sense we can do a scan in 10 seconds and compile a 3D image on a laptop in about 20 seconds. I hoping that a very restrictive simple single purpose attached 3D scanner could provide higher quality at a lower cost. Don’t know if Raspberry Pi would be a good place to start the researc