Devcontainer customizations with repository access doesn't work

I am following the instructions at Managing access to other repositories within your codespace - GitHub Docs to add customizations to my codespace’s devcontainer.json file, adding “write-all” permissions to every other repo in the org.

	"name": "My devcontainer",
	"build": {
		"dockerfile": "Dockerfile"
	"remoteUser": "vscode",
	"extensions": [
	"customizations": {
		"codespaces": {
			"repositories": {
				"MYORGNAME/*": {
					"permissions": "write-all"

It says that when I create the codespace it will prompt me to approve access, but I’m never prompted. When I try to clone another repo, it says remote: Write access to repository not granted.:

/workspaces/my-repo on  main 🐍 v3.8.13 
❯ cd ..

❯ git clone
Cloning into 'terraform'...
remote: Write access to repository not granted.
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? The options for repository access in my personal settings are now deprecated and unusable, so there is nothing to change there.