Dev containers host terminal

Is there anyway to use the default integrated terminal on the host machine. When inside a devcontainer. In my specific use case I use fish shell, and have a whole bunch of plugins I use. If I use a devcontainer such as Ubuntu focal it comes with bash and it seems I’ll have to configure it just like my host setup to have all my plugins.

Is there anyway around this ? Or is it better to have it all defined within the Docker container so it matches my host machine setup ? and in this case should I copy this “base” Docker fish shell setup between projects.

Hi @hmajid2301 :wave:, using a dotfiles repo as outlined at is the best way to get your personalizations automatically applied to all Codespaces you create. You can configure your dotfiles to install fish if needed and configure the fish plugins.

In order to change the default terminal in VS Code, there is a setting you can apply either in devcontainer.json to switch to fish (change to wherever fish is installed to), or VS Code can sync this setting from your local machine automatically if you enable Settings Sync in VS Code.

"settings": { 
	"": "/usr/bin/fish"