Detect transferring of repositories between two accounts from outside via API



Repo01 - name of the example repository

UserA - an example user with one “Repo01” repo, I’m not the owner

UnknowUserB - an example account name with, I’m not the owner and I dont know the name in advance


UserA use “Transfer Repository” feature to transfer Repo01 from himself to UserB

UnknowUserB accept “Transfer Repository” request and now “Repo01” is at

Is there any way to detect such operation via public API? So I could update extrenal repository list and put the new url there?

If you know the original owner name and original repository name, you can find out where it went by using the Get repository REST endpoint. For example, I know that atom/tree-sitter-syntax was transferred to atom-archive/tree-sitter-syntax. If I access, I’m redirected to, which reveals that the repository full name is atom-archive/tree-sitter-syntax now.

I hope that helps!

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