Detect monitor/screen able for stereoscopic display (within a multi monitor environment)

I try to detect if there is a display available for display stereo images or not.


My goal is to detect a monitor/screen within a multiple monitor/screen environment, which may be used for stereoscopic display.

I tried “OpenTK.DisplayDevice.AvailableDisplays[0].”, but its members do not provide information to fiddle out if there is a device attached to the computer which could display in stereoscopic mode.

Elswhere I read, that PixelFormatDescriptor may perhaps do that job, but I was not able to find the library which includes that routine. Within my OpenTK environment PixelFormatDescriptor is fully unknown :frowning:

I’d be very happy if you could provide me with some information how to detect a monitor/screen (within a multi-monitor environment) which could display stereo images.

Kind regards