Despite seeing file in repo, github pages gives 404 error on that file.

The repository I am working with: 

The resulting site:

Expected result:

I am using threejs to present a series of 3D objects. I expect to have these 8 shapes appear on the site. 

Actual result: 

I receive a 404 error on the obj file that I am displaying. The image above is an example of running the code on my local server. When I upload to github I see the file in the proper place in the repo, but the website seems to have lost it? 

What has been done:

I assumed it was an issue with file size. The obj was originally 30mb, but I have gotten it down to 700KB, and still doesnt show up on the site.

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I had a similar problem with a very small .js file.
If the rest of your page is working, then this may help you.

Apparently GitHub Pages are being processed by Jekyll
and this may cause some files to not get served.

Try adding an empty file called .nojekyll to the root of your page
and all files should get served properly.

StackOverflow thread where I found the solution for my problem: